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What is Spiritual Direction?

Think of Spiritual Direction using the term red-dot realities. Whenever you visit a large shopping mall, and you are attempting to navigate your way to a particular store you find the mall map.  Usually on this map there is a red dot signaling that "you are here". In Spiritual Direction there is exploration of the red-dot realities.  Where do you find yourself? Why do you do the things you do?  Why do you feel the way you feel? How do you understand the emotions you are feeling?  Our red-dots are simply where we find ourselves, not where we think we should be, or where others think we should be- but where we are in our most honest place.  There is power, freedom, transformation and joy in being known in honesty and love.  It's only within these safe conversations that deep change takes place.

Spiritual Direction centers on three spheres: God, self, and others. It is not clinical therapy (although it may embody some of the similar processes) and Spiritual Direction is not primarily about focusing on personal problems (although problems will be explored and addressed). Spiritual Direction is a work by which one is free to process the realities of their "inner world"- the world of thoughts, emotions, fears, anxieties, and confusions in a safe and trusting environment with the end goal being growth, wholeness, and transformation.  We live in a lonely and isolating world, and there is a thirst in every human heart to be truly known without fear or shame; to be a mess in the presence of love. In Spiritual Direction we recognize that God is working, even when we can't fully see. This work is not simplistic, nor does it happen overnight, yet there is great healing in conversations that are both safe and sacred.

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