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  • Will Chenault

The Power of Connection

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The importance of sacred space in conversation

In the 1830’s French sociologist Alex de Tocqueville came to America for the first time and wrote that that everywhere he looked he observed “…. A strange melancholy that haunts the inhabitants… in the midst of abundance.”

A strange melancholy. There is a perpetual, low-grade sense of disconnection and isolation that exists within our world. Spiritual writer Henri Nouwen called this reality a suffocating loneliness. He writes,

“The contemporary society in which we find ourselves makes us acutely aware of our loneliness. We become increasingly aware that we are living in a world where even the most intimate relationships have become part of competition and rivalry. Loneliness is one of the most universal sources of human suffering today. Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists speak about it as the most frequently expressed complaint and the root not only of an increasing number of suicides but also alcoholism and drug use… children, adolescents, adults, and old people are in growing degree exposed to the contagious disease of loneliness.”

Loneliness is an epidemic in our modern world. A recent study concluded that loneliness has a greater impact to overall health than long-term cigarette smoking.

How do we combat chronic loneliness? We combat loneliness with powerful connection. In the very beginning of the creation narrative in the book of Genesis God makes this profound declaration, “It’s not good for man to be alone…”

Christian psychologist Dr. Larry Crabb writes this about the power of connection.

“When two people connect, something is poured out of one and into the other that has the power to heal the soul of its deepest wounds and restore it to health. The one who receives experiences the joy of being healed. The one who gives knows the even greater joy of being used to heal. Something good is in the heart of each of God’s children that is more powerful than everything that is bad. It’s there, waiting to be released.”

We need environments where we can experience the power of being known, seen, journeyed with, and connected. There is significant healing that takes place in safe relationships of trust. There is power in being able to express the inward realities that we already feel and see how God might be “on the move” in our lives.

Spiritual direction and biblical counseling offer the opportunity to engage in healing conversations. To enter into the pain, hurt, and confusion of your story with a view of restoration and wholeness.

There is a deep thirst in every human heart to experience the power of connection.

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