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  • Will Chenault

The Greatest Gift You Can Give

As I have meet with individuals and couples over the years, very often after the first counseling session together I will hear a familiar declaration, “I wish I would have done this work a long time ago…”

There is freedom, power, and release when a caregiver enters into the hidden and often neglected recesses of our lives, yet few experience this type of connection.

Personally, I have mixed emotions with the words counseling or therapy… they are necessary and essential words, it’s a concept that’s readily accessible in our culture, but these words can come with baggage and barriers. Baggage in that they may be meet with a residue of negativity, barriers in having to admit that something is so wrong that I need help outside of myself.

Rather than battling the barriers, I prefer to think at a more holistic level about the concept of emotional health. Do you want to be emotionally healthy? How much are you willing to invest in your emotional health? What would you give to have a great marriage, to have a deep and meaningful relationship with your kids, to experience life-giving friendships, to lead from a place of health in your business?

What would it take to be free of an ongoing pattern of shame or a prevailing sin that paralyzes your spiritual life? How would your relationships be different if you healed from your defensive ways of relating to others? Truth be told we make investments in every other area of life (diet, exercise, clothing, etc.) expect perhaps in the arena of our emotional health.

The investment to becoming emotionally healthy may require you to meet with a guide who can help you work through the obstacles that are keeping you from experiencing wholeness, peace, goodness, and beauty in your life.

One greatest gift that you can give to the world is an emotionally healthy you.

To be emotionally healthy as a spouse

To be emotionally healthy as a parent

To be emotionally healthy as a leader

To be emotionally healthy as co-worker

And most essential to be emotionally healthy as a Christ-follower

Why aren’t more people experiencing a healthy emotional life? Because I believe in large part, we have stigmatized the process. What I often experience in the counseling process is excitement and vision when a person concedes that there are areas within their life that need cultivation and growth.

Your path to emotional health can begin now!

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